I often get the question, ‘How do I get a mount?‘. Today I read an article on LOTRO Players about it. Only one thing I don’t understand, I (as VIP) could get the riding skill at level 20, not at 8. Anyway, great article for soon-to-be mount owners:

You got yourself a nice little hobbit or dwarf. But their feet grow tired quite fast. Then you spot those things with four legs with players on them. You already had one like those, but it dissappeared after 24 hours. And now you’re dammed to walk to mordor on your own two feet. For surely a horse is too expensive and in /world you get all kinds of advice about f2p, premium and vip horses. But you just dont walk to walk anymore. You’re even more confused now and just give up. But wait.

Talk the talk

There are a few different ways of transport around the world of Midde-earth without other players help. The stable masters have a high speed horse and a instant swift travel from quest hub to quest hub. They are you’re train or metro of this world you’re in. Then there is the free roaming horse you can mount up and ride around as you wish to. You’re welcome kit in your bag will have 1 “Writ of passage” that will give you a 24-hour horse. But that will go after that timeframe.

Most of the confusion comes from players getting their horse in different time and different ways. Hence they only know their way.

The overall thing you will be riding would be called a “mount”. There are 4 different kind of mount which do mostly the same thing. Most people use horse and mount for the same thing. But there is a slight difference. Nothing for the new player, but the people in /world do.

  • Horse and pony, your standard quadrapet. This is what you will g et for the foreseeable future depending on your own size. Hobbits and dwarf get ponies. Where as humans and elves can ride horses
  • Goat, the dwarfs in Thorins hall or in moria prefer a smelly goat. Why? A free roaming horse can’t used in the level 50 to 60 area of Moria.
  • Warhorses/warmount, in Rohan (level 75+) you can get a mount that can do combat tricks in higher level area’s. Can forget about them for now

You will need two things to ride a mount. Another source of confusion. Don’t worry these won’t be the last. Both can aquired in any order, but you’ll need both to ride.

  • A rididing skill
  • A mount

Learning to ride

As you learned in the previous critters casual there are three different types of accounts. Each have different option on how to get a “riding skill”

All players with Turbine points (TP’s) – All players can aquire the Riding skill from the ingame store for 95 tp at level 5 and beyond

Vip account – If you dont want to spend TP’s and you happen to be vip – At level 8 you can do a quest and a test of skill to proof that you earn it at Hengstacers farm. This near the Bree festival ground and north of Bree. Close to horse on the map (press M). This will only cost you silver instead of turbine points

Getting that mount

Lotro has a ton of mounts you can ride, but they dont just give them away for free. Hengstacers farm owner Eogar has a few simple horses for sale. This is the easiest drop in and buy option you would have. Visit Eogar and give him 500 silver coins and ride into the sunset. Remember you need both things for that.

Vip’s will get a slower mount when they log in (without the riding skill). More confusion for everyone!

A few different option that would give you a horse (and some other stuff)

  • Reputation with  Thorins hall. When you get kindred and 5 gold you could get a goat. The gold and reputation make this not an option for your first char
  • Pre-order bonus. Back in the day when you pre-ordered an expansion it would come with a mount for every newly created character
  • Small out of lotro promotions like samwise gamgee starter pack or steely dawn pack


F2P – Get the Riding skill trait for 95 tp’s from the store. And at level 5 or later go to Hengstacers farm to buy a 500s horse.

VIP – Settle for the slow horse. Or at level 8 go to Hengstacers farm. Do the quest to get the riding trait and buy a horse.

But wait there is more

A new part of this series where you will get links and guides related to the discussed topic. Most of these will have a lot more information, pictures and even more information then would fit in a tiny hobbit or these guides.

A large site dedicated to lotro steeds, horses and mount with most of not all mounts that there are.


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