Rainy day wear

Rain BigEverybody knows the rain in Middle-earth – Best thing about it is you ain’t gonna get wet. But… what’s the fun in that? So – just as I dress for combat and cold places – I dress for rainy days, too.

The only thing I wanted, except for maybe a wild west cowboy style wax coat, was a mysterious looking hood. But I didn’t want one with a mask. Couldn’t find one I liked. I tried many hoods. And then one day I was at Lalia’s and there it was, the Ceremonial Hood of the Silent Knife.Rain FrontRainBack

When I tried it on together with my Shoulderpiece it looked like they were made for each other. The hood covering one eye just gave it the mysterious look I sought.

Being bald, I have no hair to get wet, and – as mentioned – you won’t get wet at all in this Middle-earth world, but darn does it look good or what?

My boots I found in the Auction House. I immediately fell in love with them. And seeing they were put on there by a friend, made me think they were meant for me.

I bought them for this rainy day outfit, but I now also wear them with my daily wear.

Head: Ceremonial Hood of the Silent Knife
Shoulders: Steadfast Assault Pauldrons of the Mark
Chest: Ceremonial Robe of Viisaus
Back: Ever-shadowed
Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves
Feet: Medium Nadhin BootsRain Point


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