Making money

This is not really a tutorial, but more like a ‘how to’.

How to make money, gold!

First of all, there is no shortcut to wealth. You have to work for it, and also be lucky. And… don’t expect to have 100 gold at level 15.

There are many ways to get gold, this is my way.

When you start, loot everything. And I mean everything! (I still do that at level 100) Lots of rubbish that can be sold at vendors. Good stuff, things like recipe scrolls, armour, crafting ingredients/mats (materials), buffs, sell at the Auction Hall.

Note: This is in Evernight, maybe prices are different in other worlds.

To determine the price I always look what others ask. To do that, drag the item you want to sell to ‘Item Name’ in the Auction window and click ‘Search’.


The price
You can then see what other people want for the same item. I take the lowest price, and price my items about 10% less. Unless I know it’s worth more, then I wait a few days. The best days to sell are weekends because then the most people are online. The auction time I set to 24 hours.

What to sell
Things like hides always sell good, and while killing beast you get them a lot. Items you mine do also good on the Auction. Try to auction stacks of 100, they sell the best. When you do instances and raids, you often get items that people want. Especially the high level Symbols for First Age items sell very good. Often hundreds of gold.

Lootboxes you can use two ways, well three. First is just use the items inside for yourself, but we are talking about making money here 😉 One way to do that is sell the box as is. Level 40 boxes and higher can make nice money. You don’t need keys then either, so you can sell those too (often sold for 10-15 gold).

Another way is open the box and sell the content. You can be lucky, and find Tomes, that sometimes sell for dozens of gold, but you can also be unlucky and find stuff nobody wants. Sell the box unopened or sell the content, it’s up to you.

When you are a crafter, preferably a guilded one, you can sell items you crafted. I never do that, so I don’t know what sells good and doesn’t. I do know First and Second Age items always sell good.

Things you craft you sell at the Auction. Selling to friends, kinnies, or friends of friends, I know some do it, but for me it’s not-done.

Landscape moneymakers
And then my favorite! Go to enemy camps and kill them all. And not just for the drops (they often drop money too), but also for the Backpacks, Wooden Chests, Supply Crates and Corpses. Moneymakers

The benefit of those four is the fact they re-appear rather fast after you’ve emptied them.

They can also be found everywhere in the landscape. And among really nice items sometimes, they always contain money.

And that is how I made my money. Like I said there are many ways to do it, and this is mine.

At last this
When you want a lot of money, don’t spend much!

Of course, money is there to spend. But why spend lots of gold on new armour and weapons at level 20, when you are level 30 in no time, and need new armour again?

Like I said, money is there to spend, and I can’t stop you 🙂 And I also know I don’t give that much about armour, so it’s not important for me. But since this is my blog, I tell you how I made my money 😉

Have fun making your first 100G!

By the way, the maximum amount of money you can have is 9999 gold, 999 silver, 99 copper. If you still want more money, you can always buy Bags of Gold from the Vault-keeper.

If you have anything to add, feel free to comment on this post.


3 thoughts on “Making money”

  1. One thing I forgot. Festival cosmetics and goodies are sometimes very wanted. Not right after the festivals, but when you wait a few months and sell then, you might get serious gold for some items.


  2. Balkfrith/Macewolf/Demonmace said:

    This depends on if the universal tools are dropping in the hobbit gifts…if not then make the higher level combo tools on your metalsmith. I am not sure what they go for on this server but I have critted some of the max ones and made 50g or more a pop.


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