Bootstrap – Plugin Manager

(by Equendil)

The Plugin Manager in the games options opens a window with all your plugins.PluginManager

When you have a lot of plugins, you might want another plugin manager than the built-in one. I think the Turbine one does the job, but another plugin manager will give you just a little extra.

I use Bootstrap – Plugin Manager for that. After installing you will see a new icon on your screen   BootstrapIcon

You can move that around by clicking Ctrl – \.

Clicking on the icon will open a dropdown menu (After installation only Bootstrap will be shown).BootstrapIcon+

Clicking Bootstrap will open the main window.BootstrapMain

Here you see a list of all your plugins. You can click Refresh Plugins at the bottom, but I never needed to do that.

To load a plugin click on the name and then Launch. For auto-load chack the box in front of the name. Clicking Add to Menu will add the plugin to the dropdown menu that opens when you click the start icon as shown above. Hide will hide the plugin from the list and cancel the auto load. To show it again check Show All. The Hide button will change in Show.

When a plugin is added to the menu, you can asign a plugin command to the plugins in the dropdown menu. Remove and Save do exactly what you think they will do 😉

When you use Bootstrap – Plugin Manager make sure to set the Automatically Load For: option in the Turbine plugin manager to None.

My Review
5 Rings
For a plugin lover as myself this is the basic plugin to have. Like I said, Turbines own does the job, but Bootstrap – Plugin Manager has just some nice little extras. Best extra for me, is you can load all your plugins at once. Which I use for unloading just one plugin (uncheck that one plugin, and press Reload Bootstrap).

Plugin’s homepage:
Bootstrap – Plugin Manager