Item Treasury

Item Treasury
(by Galuhad)

This is a plugin with a database of all ingame items. It has one, easy to use window.Item Treasury

To open the window type /item.

You can chose to search through the whole database, of just the latest update. The plugin is regularly updated with the newest items.

Search by typing the whole or partial name. When for instance you search ‘boots east‘, you find the Boots of the Eastemnet, but also the Boots of the Noble Beast and the Padded Boots of Eastfold.

In the dropdown menu you can select which database you search in (there are many!).

All items are clickable, so you can see the stats and/or try on armour and cosmetics in the Dressing Room.

I don’t know what the buttons on the bottom are for. Well, I can see what they do, but what the use is… I don’t know. I think it’s for developers of plugins. If someone knows, leave a comment 🙂

My Review
5 Rings
For me this is just a huge treasure chest. I love to browse it and look for items I can use cosmetically (finding them is another story). I can imagine that people who are looking for stats miss an option to search stats though.

Plugin’s homepage:
Item Treasury


2 thoughts on “Item Treasury”

  1. Great tip Raebidus, I hadn’t heard of this plugin before. I sometimes use Compendium but I find it a bit awkward. Looks like Item Treasury will be really useful for planning outfits, I can’t wait to try it out!


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