Cosmetics General

Rae BigA great feature of Lord of the Rings Online is the cosmetics system. It has nothing to do with the gameplay, but I love to use it.

For many years I had just three cosmetic slots, and I didn’t really use them. Maybe to slot a funny outfit at times, but that was it. Until I reached level 100. I had reached level cap a few other times since the level 50 cap, but this time it made me look at other features of the game. And next to music there were the cosmetics.

The first thing I did was dye all my clothes black. I often wore black, but never knew the art of dyeing. That, along with the Wardrobe, made my life so much more fun. I started filling my wardrobe with all sorts of clothing. I learned you can even slot armour you are not proficient with and higher level armour, and I bought all seven cosmetic slots.

Now I can choose from the following outfits:

… and still, I want more cosmetic slots!

The way I find my outfits is by slotting any clothing item I loot in the Dressing Room, by inspecting characters I see with nice clothes, and by visiting the cosmetic vendor at the skirmish camps. Also, I check Lalia’s in Bree. The disadvantage of Lalia’s is that the items are only payable with mithril coins. What I do when I see a nice item there, is google the item, and see if there is a landscape item that you can barter or loot. If so, I try the Auction House, or do whatever is needed to get the item. Often it works that way, and if not, you can always go back to Lalia’s (Lalia offers cosmetics for a limited time only, so keep that in mind).

Another thing I often use is a plugin called Item Treasury. This is a database with ALL LotRO items. When I want, for instance, new boots, I search for boots, and the plugin lists all known boots ingame. Which you can then slot in your Dressing Room. This can be a lot of work, a VERY lot, but it is a way.

A rather easy way to get nice clothes is the Auction House. Just look, view in your Dressing Room, and (if you like it and the price is right) buy.

Also… clothes are often available with different names and specs, but  are cosmetically exactly the same. So with a little luck, you can come across that ‘totally you but unfindable’ piece of clothing after all.

On these pages you can see my outfits. I hope it will inspire you to experiment with cosmetics too. A site I often visit for inspiration or just fun is The Starry Mantle. And if you have any questions about cosmetics, you can always contact me here or ingame.

Have fun!


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