Alt Tracker

Alt Tracker
(by MrJackdaw)

Having troubles remembering who is whose alt? Thats where Alt Tracker comes in. Install, and open with /at.AT1When you open it first you will see ‘Add New Character‘. Clicking on that opens a little window to enter a new char. After entering the name, close the window by clicking the X, and the name is saved.

Then click on the name, and you see ‘Add New Alt‘. Add the name(s) of the alt(s), same way as adding a chararacter.

The list shows all names, mains and alts. If you only want to see the mains, check the box on the bottom ‘Show only Main Characters as root’

You can’t edit the names. If you made a mistake you have to remove the whole name. You do that by clicking the tiny green button on the right.


Click on a name on the left and on the right you have a few options.

  • Delete
    When you delete a main, the alt will become the main. When there are more alts, the upper alt will become main.
  • Split from Alts
    This will make the alt another main
  • Set as main
    Will set an alt as main.

The ‘Apply‘ button is for saving text in the Character Notes

My Review
3 Rings
The plugin does the job, and the Character Notes are handy. Can also use them for players without an alt. Still I am not very fond of this plugin. I use it often, but I think it can be some more userfriendly.

Plugin’s homepage:
Alt Tracker


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