Songbook – a Band

After you have you played music solo for a while, you might want to play in a band. Using Songbook – that’s a piece of freshly baked Hobbit’s cake.


  1. Make sure everyone in the band has the same .abc file.
    (It doesn’t matter if the name is different, but the file must be the same)
  2. In the Settings of Songbook check Song part list visible.
  3. When you use Songbook: The Badger Chapter, and you are the leader of the band, also check Chief Mode.
  4. The bandleader forms a fellowship with the bandmembers.



Synchronize the song
Open Songbook and choose the song you want.

Then (and this is different from a solo performance) choose your part of the song in the Parts section.
BandPlayAfter doing that click your instrument and M to get in music mode.

When you are not the leader you only have to press >| to sync the song with the other players.

The bandleader checks if everyone is synchronized and presses |>

Rock on!