The end of Rae?

In the past month I haven’t been ingame much.  I love the world, it’s still great. Love the people. But the game itself… meh.. Zunday is level 98 now, and I so dislike questing in the high levels. I don’t think she will be 105 soon (if ever). The quests are all about fighting, just a few ‘human interest’ quests. I did dailies just to level up my LI legacies … but for what? I became 105 with a lesser weapon. Also, friends are leaving the game. And for me the social aspect of LotRO is the most important factor.

So… I don’t know. Maybe I will be back. I will be ingame from time to time to pay upkeep. And who knows what will happen.

Another thing I love doing is making and editing videos. And for that I will get online too. To shoot footage. The last video I did was few days ago. Together with Irissina.

This is the result:

Cya friends!

My beautiful garden

Visiting my house on the Bullroarer Beta server, I saw all new vegetation. I guess these are the newly added frills, as mentioned in the Update 18.2 Beta Release Notes (Eriador has newly added frills. You can turn frills on and off in your advanced graphics options panel. This includes all kinds of ground-cover (grasses, reeds, wildflowers, etc).)

These screenshots are from Bullroarer (Raebidus), and Evernight (Zunday).Rae (Medium)

Zuny (Medium)

Stable-masters Collection

A promising feature in the Update 18.2 Beta is the addition of the Stable-masters to Collections.Stable-masters

It’s still in Beta, and it doesn’t work properly yet, but from what I see it’s a very nice feature.

After opening Collections (Shift-C), click the Stable-masters tab. It’s pictured by… a cat… Guess that will be a mount when the update goes live, but this is LotRO, you never know.

On the tab you will see a map with all stables (3). Green (or yellow, help me oh editor, for I am colorblind) for the discovered stables, and black for the undiscovered. Handy, I found out there are two stables I am still missing, I thought I had all. You can see how many locations you have discovered in the bar on top (2).

You can search for stables by entering (part of) the name in the search box (1).BreeSearch

Only the stables that fit the discription will stay visible. When you hover over a dot, the name will show up, and when you click the dot it will highlight. On the left you then see the name, whether you discovered the stable or not, a botton to travel, and a button to show the stable on the map.

These buttons don’t work in Beta yet. The travel must be paid with mithril coins. I hope this will change, but I think it won’t. A boy can dream though.

You can also type part of the name in the search box. All stables with the typed part in their name will show up. For example, type ‘os‘ and Ost Guruth will show up, but also Lhan Rhos.osAll in all, like I said, it looks promising.

New Kinship House items

Today on the Bullroarer beta test server I visited the Quartermaster of the Defenders of Minas Tirith.

That guy:QM Defenders of Minas Tirith

To the right of the Stable-master in Minas Tirith (65.9s 16.8w).

As of Update 18.2 (if all goes right) he will barter some pretty nice yard decorations for kinship houses.

Reflecting Pool IconDolAmrothFountainIconBeaconOfGondorIcon SmallBeaconOfGondorIcon

Round Gondorian Reflecting Pool:Reflecting Pool

Dol Amroth Fountain:DolAmrothFountain

Beacon of Gondor:BeaconOfGondor

It’s HUGE, but, there is also a small one. Well… small…


Small on the left, full size one on the right. It’s not perspective, they are right next to each other.

They barter for (in BETA):

  • Round Gondorian Reflecting Pool: 100 Minas Tirith Silver Pieces
  • Dol Amroth Fountain: 125 Minas Tirith Silver Pieces
  • Beacon of Gondor: 150 Minas Tirith Silver Pieces
  • Small Beacon of Gondor: 125 Minas Tirith Silver Pieces


The Hedge Maze

I am no fan of LotRO festivals. I really (really, really, really) love Yule, I sorta like Anniversary, but actually, that’s it. Spring now, and I tried The Hedge Maze again. I should not have done that, the hiding elves, the bratty kids, finding beers… Last one I did finish today… wonder why, because it’s Friday maybe 🙂

Anyway, I don’t like the maze, I just wish I could stay here, the happiest place in the maze:Maze1 Maze2

Happy Weekend my friends!

Ents go to War

EntsGoToWarThe Lore-master has a great skill called Ents go to War. Not the best attack, but visually it’s great: an Ent stamping on an enemy. You gotta love it.EntsSkill

For the past few years however (yes years…) I don’t use it too much, because very often the Ent doesn’t do his trick, but just stands there, hovering over you. Submitting a ticket doesn’t work, no reaction whatsoever. Maybe because Turbine just doesn’t do anything to fix it. (Sorry, I promised, but again, Turbine-bashing). On the forum there has been said enough about this very annoying bug, but after years it’s still there.

Sometimes the Ent disappears after a few seconds, but other times it takes minutes, or so long I would rather restart the game than play on. And that’s what happened just now. Doing my Minas Tirith dailies I used Ents go to War. First time, worked like a charm. I should have known better than to challenge the gaming gods, but I did, and used the skill another time…

Ah well, I made some nice screenshots, even mounted the Ents stays.EntsRae EntMount