How boring is it to always wear the same clothes. Therefore LotRO has the cosmetic options.

To open the cosmetic window, press ‘C‘. And then choose the ‘Cosmetic Outfits‘ tab.Cosmetic tab

On the left you see yourself, on the right are the outfits. By default you have three. The ‘Equipment Outfit‘, which is the armour you wear (same as on the ‘Equipment’ tab).

The ‘Outfit 1-7‘ are the cosmetic outfits. Items you slot as cosmetic outfits won’t influence your stats, only your appearance. You can slot any item you want. Of course any cosmetic item, but also regular armour. This can even be higher level than you are. Armour you are not proficient with (light – medium – heavy) can also be used, but only when you slot it by using the wardrobe.

Since update 16.2 you can also slot cosmetic weapons. But only weapons you can use as a class. So a Lore-master can slot slot staffs and swords, but no crossbows for instance. What you can do, is slot a giant flower, or a candle, or any handheld cosmetic item. Maybe funny to beat the living shit out of an enemy with a frying pan 🙂

With the little eyes next to the slots you can choose which items you want to be visible or not. Click on the outfit button on the right, and then on the button below, to activate the outfit.

When you wanna change outfits fast, you can use hotkeys. Go to: Options > Key Mapping > Cosmetic Outfit Selection (almost at the bottom) to assign hotkeys to the outfits.

Have fun dressing up!


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