A tutorial about screenshots. There are many to find online. They advise you to use FRAPS, to enhance your graphic quality, they tell you at what time of the day you can take the best screenshots etc. etc.

But what if you just want to take a screenshot?

I use all of the above when I make screenshots for my blog. And still, doing it exactly the same way as the owner of The Starry Mantle does, my screenshots aren’t as beautiful as his/hers. But I am happy with it.

Most people however just want to save shots of epic, beautiful, happy, great etc. gamemoments. And an unedited JPG is just as good as a memory of that as a perfect edited PNG or BMP.

And for those of you who think PNWHAT???, is this Tut.

BASICALLY, you take a screenshot with F11, and that’s all.

I heard that Mac users can’t use F11, but no problem. Open Options (ingame menu or Ctrl-O) Click the Key Mapping tab, and search for Screenshot.

After doing that click on the Screenshot-button, and the next key you type is the shortcut to screenshots.


The pictures are saved in the Lord of the Rings Online Folder in My Documents.

One advise, don’t leave them there but make a folder for them. The game makes an index of all screenshots before it takes the screenshot. So if you have a lot, it takes a while before the screenshot is taken, and you might miss the action. I just made a folder named – what’s in a name? – Screenshots, in the LotRO folder.

And that really is all it takes to take a screenshot.

Maybe I will make a tutorial about ways to make them in a better quality, but here is a good one.


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