EntsGoToWarThe Lore-master has a great skill called Ents go to War. Not the best attack, but visually it’s great: an Ent stamping on an enemy. You gotta love it.EntsSkill

For the past few years however (yes years…) I don’t use it too much, because very often the Ent doesn’t do his trick, but just stands there, hovering over you. Submitting a ticket doesn’t work, no reaction whatsoever. Maybe because Turbine just doesn’t do anything to fix it. (Sorry, I promised, but again, Turbine-bashing). On the forum there has been said enough about this very annoying bug, but after years it’s still there.

Sometimes the Ent disappears after a few seconds, but other times it takes minutes, or so long I would rather restart the game than play on. And that’s what happened just now. Doing my Minas Tirith dailies I used Ents go to War. First time, worked like a charm. I should have known better than to challenge the gaming gods, but I did, and used the skill another time…

Ah well, I made some nice screenshots, even mounted the Ents stays.EntsRae EntMount