Combat wear

As a Lore-master, you can travel about in Middle-earth looking like a Gandalf clone. When it’s done well, it can even be very nice. But not for me. I am Raebidus – not Mithrandir.

For my combat wear I started out with my daily wear.

And every time I find a clothing item, I slot it in my Dressing Room to see what it looks like, and if it matches one of my outfits.

I also didn’t want to look like a knight in full shiny black armour. Nice for a Champion, or a Warden, but not for a wizard. So I looked for subtle armour. Like my shoulders, not that flashy, and totally me. Or the boots, just good sturdy combat boots.

I love the mask because it makes me look kinda anonymous. You don’t want them hoodlums to recognize you when you walk on the streets.

The fingerless gloves didn’t protect my fingers in a melee fight, so when I found these wonderful Elven Steel Gloves I was very happy.Combat FrontWhen in a fight, either melee or throwing fireballs, a cape isn’t very comfortable. For a while I just left the slot empty, but I kept looking for something.

I used several items, and now I have some spears on my back. As a Lore-master I can’t use spears, but to have them on my back in combat doesn’t look bad. And the bad guys don’t know I can’t use them 😉Combat BackAnd since you can use cosmetic weapons, of course I searched for the best-looking ones I could find. For me they were this staff and sword.Staff Close

SwordI love the staff because I am a fan of dragons. And I know, they are snake-heads, but it comes close. I chose the sword because it reminds me of Glamdring (Gandalf’s sword).Glamdring

And last but certainly not least, my loyal mount Sudibear. My favourite mount before I got a warsteed was the Steed of Night. And luckily when I got my warsteed, owning the Steed of Night provided me with the warsteed cosmetics.Sudibear Zij

Head: Skillful Combat Helm of Éomer
Shoulders: The Beast-keeper’s Shoulder Pads
Chest: Ceremonial Robe of Viisaus
Back: Warden’s Pack
Hands: Elven Steel Gloves of Might
Feet: Snug Eregion Boots of Will

Staff: Heavy Yew Staff of Tactics
Sword: Peerless Thain’s Sword of Combat

Body: Steed of Night Caparison
Tail: Woven Leather TailCombat Point


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