(by Radicus)

Even with a lot of Travel to skills and Milestones, sometimes you need to travel somewhere you just don’t know how to get there. So you try a stable, only to find out you took the wrong one.

StableGuy is the plugin to get! You search the stable you are at, then the one you want to go, and this Guy shows you the route.

After installing and activating, you’ll find this icon on the middle of your screen:  StableGuyIcon

Drag and drop that wherever you want.

Rightclicking opens the main window.StableGuyWincow

Click on the bars to open a dropdown menu with the stables, and choose the one you are at.StableGuyOpen

Then do the same for the ‘To’ options, I only use Stables, but as you see you can choose other places too, and click ‘Calculate Shortest Route’. The route will be shown in the General (‘Algemeen’ is Dutch for General) tab of the chatwindow.StableGuyResults

Happy travelling!

My Review
4 Rings
A handy plugin, that can also save you some gold 🙂 It is often updated, so it is almost always up-to-date. One thing I don’t like is the absence of a search option. I am bad with names (people, but also regions), and when I want to go to let’s say Forlaw, I don’t know what region that is. So I have to scroll through all the stables.

Another thing I miss is the possibility to make your own Places of Interest. But I am no plugin artist, and don’t know if that is possible.

At last, StableGuy also shows stables you haven’t unlocked yet. But Radicus tells on the plugin’s homepage he is working on that.

Plugin’s homepage: