Friend Alert

Friend Alert
(by Thurallor)

You know the time you are waiting on a friend to come online, and suddenly see the message he went offline? Well, I had that quite a few times. Then I saw this plugin. And all it does is show the texts you see in general chat, but then in big letters in the middle of your screen. Even when you are in the loading screens.FriendMessage

In the Plugin Manager (System > Plugin Manager), on the plugin’s Options tab, you have a few options.

In the ‘Special friends list’ box you can type the names of friends that you want to be announced in a different color. The other options I think need no further explanation.Plugin Manager

My Review
5 Rings
I love this plugin. It’s what you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less. All you have to do is load it.

Plugin’s homepage:
Friend Alert


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