(by Chiran)


For as long as I’ve played LotRO, I have used my Black Book for notes. I still think paper and a pen are much better for keeping notes than anything digital. But… sometimes it’s handy to have things listed ingame digitally.

For that – you can use Lotropad.

After installation, open the main window with /lotropad show.

Other commands are
/lotropad hide – to hide the window
/lotropad toggle – to toggle between show and hide
/lotropad – to show these commands in the chatwindow

And as often with plugins, you will never need to use these commands, because in Settings you can check the Show Lotropad button, for an onscreen toggle icon  LotropadIcon

The main window has 10 buttons on the left for notes, a Settings button, and one to save all notes.LotropadMainWindow

Set on the upper right saves the note. Save all, on the bottom, saves all the notes.

Settings has 4 options:LotropadSettings

  1. Font Size
    10 – 12 – 14 ~ 20
  2. Window opacity
    0.1 – 0.2 – 0.3 ~ 1
  3. Show window on load
    Shows the main window when the game opens
  4. Show Lotropad button
    Shows the onscreen toggle button

IMG gives you the option to show a picture (jpg or tga) as background.LotropadSetImage

This file has to be in the map …/The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins/Chiran/Lotropad/Images. The picture doesn’t scale however. So if you want it to fit properly, you have to make a picture especially for the background. Not worth the effort in my opinion.

When you rightclick on  LotropadIcon a window with only the note you clicked opens.


My Review
4 Rings
I use Lotropad a lot. Mostly for copy/paste texts. Sometimes for quick notes. One thing I miss is the option to make notes for characters. All notes are account-wide. And not really a problem, just a little annoying, is the fact the icon is in the same place on the screen for every character.

Plugin’s homepage: