Combat wear for rainy days

Combat Rain BigWhen you are in combat, or snooping around in enemy territory, it sometimes rains. And for those days I wanted an outfit too.

The basics are my normal combat clothes. To cover my head I use the Ceremonial Thrill Seeker’s Helm. While I didn’t want a mask for my daily rainy clothes, I do want one when enemies are about.Combat Rain FrontCombat Rain BackThe only other thing I changed was the shoulders. I really love these Medium Nadhin Shoulders. They are warm, keep my neck dry, and the small tree shaped clasp looks great.ClaspHead: Ceremonial Thrill-seeker’s Helm
Shoulders: Medium Nadhin Shoulders
Chest: Ceremonial Robe of Viisaus
Back: Warden’s Pack
Hands: Elven Steel Gloves of Might
Feet: Snug Eregion Boots of Will

Staff: Heavy Yew Staff of Tactics
Sword: Peerless Thain’s Sword of CombatCombat Rain Point