KikiInventory (alt inventory rebirth)

KikiInventory (alt inventory rebirth)
(by kiki)

Even not being an altoholic, I sometimes have to look in my alts vault or bags. When I need crafting materials for instance. Or when I just know I have a certain item but can’t find it. And that is exactly what this plugin does. Without having to log, you can look in your alts inventory.

You open KikiInventory with /inv.


You can search for an item by typing (part of) the name in the searchbox, or by scrolling down and look through all items. When you click on the Character button a list of all your chars opens to choose from. With the Remove … option you can remove chars from that list (not the char you play with that moment).KikiInv2

The icons on the right are the inventories you can seach through.

  • Bags
  • Vault
  • Shared Storage
  • Wallet

The star means you search everything.

The Everywhere button lets you search, well, everywhere 🙂 All chars, all inventory.

Another method is searching in the chatwindow. Type /inv [item] to search that item. Here you see (some of the) the results I got after typing /inv ingot.KikiInv3

Note: The first time you use it, scan all your alts and open their vaults and shared storages to initialize KikiInventory.

My Review
4 Rings
I think this is a musthave for every altoholic. Actually, for everybody who has more than one character. If only the results were clickable I would have given it 5 rings.

Plugin’s homepage:
KikiInventory (alt inventory rebirth)


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