Rainbow Chat

Rainbow Chat
(by Garan)

This is a plugin I didn’t use myself. But a friend asked me about it, so I thought is was a nice one to start with. I will use it from now on by the way 😉

What this plugin does, is color your texts, like this:   color

First I wanna point out its not for quick typing. You have to make the texts in the edit window, and then send it to the chat of choice (say, tell, kinschip etc.). So it’s best used for often said phrases like ‘Goodevening kinnies‘, ‘Hello all‘ or your personal trademark sentences, that you can make into quickslots.

After activating the plugin, you have the following commands:

/rainbow show – display the quickslot bar
/rainbow hide – hide the quickslot bar
/rainbow toggle – toggle the display of the quickslot bar
/rainbow setup – displays the Setup Window.

I always use the ‘toggle’ command in a shortcut, so I can open and close the window in one click.

Pushpin TransparantWhatever you use to open it, when the quickslot bar shows, you have to find it. It’s a tiny, transparant, hardly visible thingy in the lower left corner of the sreen. I had to remove my quickslot bar there to see it.


Pushpin Opaque
When you hover over with your mouse it gets opaque. And you can drag and drop it anywhere you want.

This little icon has three options:
the pushpin

When you doubleclick on the pushpin the Rainbow Chat Setup opens.Rainbow Chat SetupThis is the window where the magic is made.

Type the text you want into the Text entry field, select a color and click ‘Add‘ to start building a text string. Don’t forget to add spaces to additional text to separate words (the interface allows you to color individual parts of words if you want to so spaces must be added in the text as needed).

If you make a mistake, you click ‘Clear‘ to start over or you can click on a colored portion of the text in the Preview and click ‘Replace‘ to replace it with the good text typed in the Text entry.

If you want to send part of the text without color (using the color defined by the recipient) check the ‘Use recipient defined chat color‘ checkbox.

Once your string is built, pick a channel and either click ‘Send Now‘ to immediately send the text, or select a quickslot (or ‘New‘ for a new slot) and click ‘Assign‘ to assign the text to a slot on the quickslot bar. To send tells, select channel “Other‘ and in the text box type ‘/tell target’ (where target is the recipient’s name).

The ‘Recall‘ button opens an existing text, and the ‘Remove‘ button, yes you got it… removes the quickslot.

The  quickslot bar
Like I said before, the quickslot bar has three options.
Pushpin OpaqueThe Settings, next to the pushpin, you use to change the colors of the Setup window. So use as you want.
The number below is the actual quickslot to the text. Click on a number, and the corresponding text will be sent to the channel of choice.

And thats all there is to know about the Rainbow Chat plugin.

My Review
4 Rings
I think some people will find it too much work, but when you have some predefined texts under the quickslots, it is a very nice plugin.

Word of warning, when you drop the quickslot bar, remember where! It’s hardly visible and easily lost on your screen. And don’t use this plugin all the time, it tends to get rather annoying 😉

Plugin’s homepage:
Rainbow Chat


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