Buy a house

First, you have to be at least level 15. Then you go to a broker. He or she will show you all the neighbourhoods and the available houses.

The brokers are (with links to their locations):

BrokerNanWhen you talk to a broker, she or he shows you all the neighbourhoods. Clicking a neighbourhood on the left will show you a list of available addresses on the right.BrokerHousePurchase

Selecting an address opens two more options on the bottom, Visit and Buy.

Buy lets you buy the house immediately. Click Buy House in the pop-up window, and you’re a house owner.BrokerHousePurchaseForSale

Visit ports you to the house. You can then check out the interior, the location, just walk around the house and neighbourhood. If you decide to purchase the house, go to the For Sale Sign, rightclick, and the Buy House pop-up will show.ForSaleSign

Purchasing a house gives you a new skill: Travel to Personal House.2015-11-22 14_39_12-Travel to Personal House - Lotro-Wiki.comWhen your kinship buys a house, or when you join a kinship that already has a house, you will get the skill Travel to Kinship House.2015-11-22 14_40_05-Travel to Kinship House -