Sometimes it’s handy to have a shortcut to an emote, or to someting you say a lot. In LotRO you can easilly make them.

First be sure slot 1 in the lower actionbar is empty. (You can also assign shortcuts to the other slots, then just use 2, 3 etc., but I always move them to other action bars, so I use 1)

Then type in the chatbox:
/shortcut 1 /<emote> for, you guessed it, an emote, or
/shortcut 1 /say <whatever you wanna say> for a text.

After that you can drag the shortcut to any actionbar you want, and drag what was slotted in slot 1 back to its place.

If you want you can combine shortcuts with aliasses.

That’s it!


2 thoughts on “Shortcuts”

  1. I always want to do this and always forget..great for screenshots…


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