Clothes for snowy regions

Snow BigAnd then there are some regions that are just cold, snowy, icy. For those areas I have my warmest clothes. The Lawgiver’s Robe is the oldest cosmetic item I own, I think. And still going strong. It’s beautiful in all it’s simplicity, and for me one of the best Lore-master robes ever.

Screenshot (10001)

On the right you see the oldest picture of Raebidus I have (June 2011, Earth Calendar), wearing the robe.

The cloak is the great Horned Snow-beast Cloak from my favorite festival town, Winter-Home – in the Frostbluff region – open during Yule Festival. It was a no-brainer when I assembled my winter outfit. It took me a long time to find good boots, but I found the recipe for these in Sûri-Kylä, in Forochel. Alas, my tailor Eardborn doesn’t do rep stuff, and he needed to be Ally with the Lossoth to craft them. But lucky me, the ceremonial variant was obtainable from the LotRO-Store.

My gloves are dwarfmade… what else, the little fellows know how to dress for winter 😉 But I am still looking for better looking ones.Snow FrontSnow Back

For cold places, Sudibear (my mount) wears the Steed of the Snow-beast cosmetic caparison. You get the warsteed cosmetics when you buy this mount in the store. I don’t use many warsteed cosmetics, but I so loved these.Snow Mount Full

Snow Mount Head2Shoulders: Steadfast Assault Pauldrons of the Mark
Chest: Lawgiver’s Robe
Back: Horned Snow-beast Cloak
Hands: Enduring Dwarf Steel Gloves of Rallying
Feet: Ceremonial Ajokoira Shoes

Head: Halter of the Snow-beast
Body: Caparison of the Snow-beast
Saddle: Saddle of the Snow-beast
Legs: Leggings of the Snow-beast
Tail: Woven Leather Tail
Accessory: Accessory of the Snow-beast

Snow Point


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