The Story of Raebidus

I am Raebidus Legend of Evernight.

Living in the
wonderful Lord of the Rings Online World since fall 2007.

This is my story.

In his everlasting search for his heritage, Raebidus got his hands on a small chest, found in a burnt out house in Rohan. The soldier who had found it recognized the name of Rae’s father gouged in the bottom: Morland Legend. Morland was a famous Rohan officer, and the soldier brought the chest to his superiors. They sent out messengers throughout Middle-earth to seek the missing son of Morland.

Screenshot (10382)

Eventually they located Raebidus in his house in Falathlorn, and Rae was told a mysterious chest had been found. Rae immediately mounted up on his steed Sudibear to travel to Rohan. When he got to the encampment the messenger had told him to go to, the officer handed him the chest. Rae forced the lock, and what he saw then made his heart stop…

A small old folded drawing, with writing on the back: ‘For Morland, my hero. Take care of our little Raebidus. You two will always be in my heart and mind. Love, M’raeka‘.

Could this be the only known image of Raebidus’ mother, whose name appears to be M’raeka?ScreenShot (444)

Thus starts a new episode in the quest for his past.

What we know so far:

As already mentioned – Morland Legend was an officer of Rohan. He left when Rae was about 6 years old. He never talked about Rae’s mother. When Rae was 6, his father left him, to… to do what? Rae never knew why his father left. One day Morland went with the little boy to the town of Edoras, not far from where they lived. There Rae met the two people who were introduced to him as his uncle and aunt. Whether they really were family, he never knew. At that young age you don’t question the words of your father. Morland stayed at the house for a few months, and then left. Never to be seen again.

Rae never went back to the place he had lived during the first years. And in time his memories of that place blurred away. He does remember the big house in Edoras though. During later quests he often rode through the town, and always looked at the house, the last place he ever saw his father.

 Screenshot (10406)Screenshot (10405)Uncly – his real name was never revealed (nor is Aunty’s) – was an important member of society. The house they lived in was situated at a prominent place just outside the center of town. Little Rae often played with other kids in the yard, or on the town square. He missed his father, but Uncly and Aunty were good for him, and within the walls of Edoras he had a pretty safe life. He went to school, learned to read and write, and at home he was taught the art (Aunty called it an art) of interacting with other beings. Be gentle to people, be nice to animals, connect with nature and all creatures. That must have been the time he experienced the first steps in becoming a Lore-master.

In his early adolescence some kids at the town square started to pick on Rae. Calling him names like ‘bastard’, and telling him he didn’t belong there. How the kids found out will remain unknown. They could have overheard it from their parents, or maybe some parents even told their kids not to play with Rae because of it. Whatever the reasons were, they found out Rae was the son of a man and a Morroval.

Rae’s life then began to change. He secluded himself from the other kids, and often went outside the gates of Edoras. There he noticed, following the instructions Aunty gave him, that he could interfere with nature. He bent streams, changed the direction the wind blew, made animals do what he asked of them. Later on Raebidus realized that Aunty must have been quite a powerful Lore-master herself.

Uncly started to teach him the art of swordfighting. Just like Morland, he was a high ranked Rohan officer. A no-nonsense man who spoke with his sword rather than with his mouth. When at home he usually didn’t say much. He was a nice man, but Aunty told Rae he had seen so much suffering that it made him blunt. The one thing in which he excelled melee fighting. And, at the age of 10, Raebidus’ fighting skills were better than most kids, even the older ones, in Edoras.

At that young age, he was also more mature than the other kids. Partly because of his childhood, his upbringing, but also because of his ancestry. The aggressiveness of the Merrevail, combined with a long line of Rohirrim warriors. The maturity and isolation of being an outcast made Rae decide to leave Edoras. To leave everything behind, and go on a quest for life, a quest for…

… he didn’t know, but thought he would know when he found it.


The solitary life made him hard, and strong. As a young adult he met a wise old man. A powerful grey wizard, who adopted him as apprentice. He started teaching Rae the lore of Middle-earth. Many many years passed, and Raebidus became a powerful Lore-master. The now-white wizard gave him the Sindarin name I’ Mor Nole-tura (The Black Lore-master, because Rae always wore, and still does wear, black), and sent him out to seek his destiny.

The first time he found that, was in a kinship named MASTERS OF DESTINY. The two friends he made there, Peeza and Linnie, would be friends forever. With Peeza he got a lovechild named Azeep, after a night full of passion. It is rumoured that Peeza is also the mother of Rae’s son Eardborn. (If this is true, then Azeep could even be Eardborn’s older sister.) But Rae could not settle, his drifter-blood was too strong.

He moved from kin to kin for a while, until he finally found rest in the Exiles of Eriador. There he met Aquamerry. They fell in love and got married. Alas – that marriage didn’t last, but she will always be part of his past. He had to move on. He couldn’t stay in a kin with Aquamerry and her new husband. His son Eardborn had just founded the kin Evernight’s Legends, and Rae joined after his soulmate Niurin joined the Legends also.

Has he found his destiny now? Or is it his destiny to wander forever?

Only the White Wizard knows…

And now, the mysterious chest was found. And it did not only contain the picture of M’raeka. Rae also found, wrapped in a faded blue cloth, a strange coin and a pendant.


Session Play——————————

It was windy, rainy and cold. A young Rohan soldier named Morland Legend rode his tired mount through the dreadful Angmar night looking for shelter. He found a sort of tiny cave, and he crawled in. It didn’t take long before he fell into a shallow restless sleep. When he awakened, the wind was gone. The strange Angmar sky lit the small cave. It was still raining, but it was a mere drizzle now. 

Morland stood up, and he noticed a thin deep blue blanket lay over him. ‘Oh sirrr, thou is aweek‘, he heard a voice with a curious accent say. He grabbed his sword, and when he came out of the cave he saw a strange creature. ‘Me hope my blanket keps thou warm‘. Notwithstanding the weird voice and looks of this being, Morland felt at ease with her. She offered him some food. It was a tasty pastry, sweet like honey, but with a spicy bite. They started talking…

The lady was a Morroval-Mistress. A rare breed of humanoid bat-like creature. With horrid feet and hands, but she was very beautiful and had a magnificent body. She talked about her people, and how she was banished from her kin because she wanted to be friends with other tribes instead of killing all the time. They talked about their families, pursuits, hobbies – everything. Before they knew it evening fell over Angmar again, and they made a fire to keep themselves warm. 

M’raeka, as she was called, baked some of the pastry in the fire, and after they ate it they retreated to the cave. The blue blanket was warm, but in their hearts burned another fire, and in the twilight of a clear Angmar night…. they kissed…

The next morning they woke up in each others arms. The passion of the night was still in their eyes. The sadness of knowing they could never be together in either his world or hers was, too. They kissed each other for one last time for what seemed like hours. M’raeka grabbed her satchel and took out a small coin. ‘Thees is Merrevail-golden frendsheep coin. We give thees to the ones thait are in ouer heartss but cain not be weeth us‘. Morland looked at it and opened his shirt. He took off his chain with a pendant in the shape of a heart with a horse’s head. ‘This my father gave to me when I went to war. He told me to pass it on when I found someone that I knew in my heart would be worth special protection‘. They took each other’s gifts, and looked in each other’s eyes one more time. Then they went their separate ways, silent, not looking back. But both with eyes filled with tears.


Rae wondered what these two artifacts meant to Morland, them being in a chest together with a picture of his – was it? – true love. Rae rode back to his home. As soon as he was inside he walked to the storage chest, and took out a painting he’d had as long as he could remember. The one of his father. He sat in a chair and for the fist time in his life he saw his father and mother.

Screenshot (445)

 ScreenShot (444)


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