Official outfit

Royal BigAs the leader of a kinship, there are times when I need to do official things. I can’t very well do them in everyday run-of-the-mill garb. And although I think my daily wear is rather nice, I wanted an outfit for special events. The circlet is the kin’s crown. So when my alt Eardborn (founder of the Legends) resigned and crowned me King, I got the crown.

The robe is, in my opinion, a more stylish variant of my combat wear. With the Elven shoulder pads as a nice reference to the kin’s Elven heritage. And well, they look good too! Royal FrontRoyal BackStill looking for some good ‘royal’ boots/shoes. Also the hands. If possible I just would like to be barehanded with some nice rings, or bracelets. Maybe a pair of long gloves. But, like the Earth bard Bono Vox sings ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for‘.

Head: Circlet of Adamant
Shoulders: Elven Cloth Shoulder Pads of Determination
Chest: Robe of Countless Stars
Back: Cloak of the Boar
Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves
Feet: Seeker’s ShoesRoyal Point


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