The Chatwindow

We all know the chatwindow. But do we know what you can do with it? Except chat 🙂

First of all, you can alter the size. Grab the corner right below, and just pull. You can also move the whole window, by leftclicking the General tab and drag. If you want you can even grab a singular tab (leftclick and hold) and drag and drop that tab anywhere on your screen.

When you rightclick the General tab you see 5 options:

Rename tabChange Filters
Create new tab
Change filters
Change text colours
Chat Logging

Rename tab
Name sais it all.

Create new tab
I think the name gave it away again.
Note: The maximum amount of tabs is five.

Change filters
The chatserver has a lot of channels. Some you use often, some never. When you make a new tab you can check the channels you want to show in that tab. Like a tab solely for the kinship messages, or one for fellowships. It’s all up to you.

Change text colours
When you click this, the Chat tab of the Options menu will open. Here you can change the colours of all the different chats.

But that’s not the only option here. Above the colours you see some boxes you can check (or uncheck), and a bar with which you can set the opacity of the whole window.Chat Options

Most of them you will never use, but there are three which might be interesting for more than a few people.

– Profanity Filter Enabled
Check for instance if you are in an adult kin and your children are watching. Uncheck when you wanna see what people say.

– Restrict Incoming Tells
When checked you will only get tells from friends, fellows and kinship members.

– Stop repeated keys in chat
This will stop the annoying ‘wwwwwwwww’ in a chat, when you only want to run away, and forgot you were in chatmode. after about 10 w’s the input will disappear, so you don’t have to Backspace it all.

Chat Logging

Chat Logging
There are two types of chat logging. One in the IMs tab, and the other in the other tabs.

For the ‘normal’ tabs you can use

– Start Logging
The logging starts, and stops after you click ‘Stop Logging’.

– Capture Chat
The chat you just had will be captured. No further logging.

Chat Logging IMs
Chat Logging in the IMs tab has three options.Chat Logging2

– Start Logging Generic IMs
I actually don’t know what that does… I will find out and update this page.

– Start Logging
Starts logging the IM chat you have with that character, untill you click Stop.

– Capture Chat
Captures the chat that is opened.

The captured chats are saved in a .txt file in your The Lord of The Rings Online folder in My Documents.

Other options IMs Tab
Except for the Chat Logging I think the options aren’t really interesting. Start IM Session… and Friends both start IM sessions. But I think it’s easier just to rightclick the name of someone and click Tell, or type /t (or /tell) and start the session.

Switch To and Quit IM I never used and I can hardly imagine anyone will.

The BubbleBubble
And there is The Bubble. All left of the input bar (next to ‘Say’), you see a little text bubble. When you leftclick that, a menu opens, that lets you choose from the different chat channels (except IMs).

‘Emotes’ opens a menu with all your emotes.

More info:
Turbine Knowledge Base


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