Predict In-Game Time

Predict In-Game Time
(by scrappy)

Ever wondered how long it takes till dawn? How long you have to wait until you can do an evening-only quest? That is exactly what this plugin tells you.

Open the main window with /pigt.


The ‘Min’ button in the upper right corner opens a small floating display on your screen with the current real-life time, the current in-game time, and how long it takes (in real time) to the next day-time.PigTMin

Click on this window to open/close the main window.

In the middle section of the main window you can set alarms for the selected day-time. Click to open a drop-down menu.

Below that you can see at what times (EST) the selected day-time will occur. In the lower section you can see what day-time it will be in the set time (days/hours/minutes).

At the bottom are three buttons. HELP!, Alarms and Options.

Click this if you need help.

Here you can see the set in-game time alarm, and you can set a custom alarm with a pre-defined text.

Three options here.

  1. A checkbox for opening the PigT main window when the plugin starts up.
  2. A checkbox to use a 24-hours clock.
  3. A customized timezone checkbox.
    I set the time to EST, because that is the default game time. The clock in the radar will show your local time, even when you change the PigT-time.


My Review
4 Rings
I really only use this for the minimal display and sometimes I set a custom alarm. Most of this plugin I never use. Still I can’t do without it. It’s like a watch, a clock on the wall. It’s there for info, to know how long you have to walk or fight in the dark.

For some roleplayers it is more than that, they know when to go to sleep and when to get up. Know when to say ‘goodmorning‘ or ‘goodafternoon‘.

For me there are too many options, but better too many options, than miss one 😉

Plugin’s homepage:
Predict In-Game Time


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