Shared Wardrobe


The Shared Wardrobe, or just Wardrobe, is storage for clothing items and weapons for cosmetic use.

VIP’s get the first 20 slots for free, non-VIP’s have to buy it in the store, for 595 TP per 10 slots. There are 25 Shared Wardrobe Spaces, so in total a VIP can have 270 slots, and non-VIP’s 250.

The Wardrobe is accessible directly via the Vault-keepers.


Or from your Vault/Shared Storage, this icon opens the Wardrobe:  Vault-keeper_Wardrobe-icon

How to use?
You can drag any clothing item or weapon to the Wardrobe. Doesn’t matter what level, whether you are proficient with it (weapons you do have to be proficient with), or if the item is bound.


The Wardrobe makes a (cosmetic only) copy of the item, so the original item stays where it is. You can even throw the original away. But if you do that, be aware that when you remove the item from the Wardrobe, it is gone.

What you also can do, is lend an item from a friend, slot it to your Wardrobe, and give it back. The copy will remain in your Wardrobe.

From the Wardrobe you drag and drop the items in the Cosmetic Outfits tab of your Character.

Cosmetic tab

You can dye the items in the Wardrobe. All different colors will be saved, as you can see in the picture of the Wardrobe.

To dye an item, rightclick on a dye in your bags, then click on an item in the Wardrobe.

Who can use items?
Just like Shared Storage, all characters on the same account and the same World can use items in the Wardrobe.