Daily wear

Rae BigThis is the outfit I wear ‘by default’ – when I am strolling through Bree, relaxing in the kinhouse, or just doing anything that doesn’t require fighting – and when the weather is nice.Rae Front

Rae Back

All is black – or dyed black, except for my bandana which is orange in honor of the national color of my country (The Netherlands). I gathered this outfit over some years, until I thought it was right. But it’s always an ongoing process. What was right for me a year ago, has slightly changed now. And will again in the future I’m sure.

The robe is the Ceremonial Robe of Viisaus. I’ve had it for many years, and it has always been one of my favorites.

The shoulderpiece is a story I have to tell. I saw it on somebody in Bree, and it was the best piece I had ever seen. Inspecting the person showed me that it was the cosmetic Grammarian’s Shoulders Pads. Googling that brought me to the wonderful cosmetics site The Starry Mantle. What I saw there made my eyes go wide. There was my outfit.

Except for the head, it was exactly what I wore then, including the shoulders I was looking for. Funny. Now knowing the name of the landscape variant, and where to get them I went to get the shoulders. But when I got there they turned out to be Bind On Acquire to Minstrels. So I had to find the cosmetic one.

Good fortune was with me. Within a week or two Lalia’s had the complete outfit for sale. I had to buy mithril for 400 TP, and I only needed the shoulderpiece, but it was worth it. I also kept the gloves. I already wore fingerless gloves, but these were just a little bit nicer.

Looking around in the Auction House I came accross the boots I wear now. I immediately fell in love with them. And seeing that they were put on there by a friend, made me think they were meant for me.

I bought them for my rainy day outfit, but I now wear them with my daily wear as well.

The cloak was pointed out to me by my friend (and editor of this blog) Irissina. She saw it in the store. I loved it, and bought it. I think the color matches the bandana perfectly, and it is just a good-looking cloak.

Head: Isengard Prisoner Bandana
Shoulders: Grammarian’s Shoulder Pads 
Chest: Ceremonial Robe of Viisaus 
Back: Wood-wanderer’s Cloak
Hands: Grammarian’s Gloves 
Feet: Medium Nadhin BootsRae Point


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