What’s an alias?
The /alias command makes a shortcut to a certain text. For instance, if you often say ‘Its time for me to go to bed, see you!‘, you might want to type that quicker.

How to use?
The only thing you have to do is type ‘;‘ in front of the alias. In the example above, you might make the alias ‘bed’. When you make an alias, you only have to type ;bed. The pre-defined text will then display.

How to make an alias?
I will use the same example again.
/alias ;bed Its time for me to go to bed, see you!
And thats basically it. You can use any text, emote, channel you want. It’s just like typing in the chatwindow.

There are two default pre-defined aliasses:

  • ;loc, tells your exact location,
  • ;target, names your target.

an alias can be:
/alias ;hi Hi ;target, how are you?
When you target me and use the alias (;hi), the outcome will be:
Hi Raebidus, how are you?

You can even use that in a tell:
/alias ;hi /t ;target Hi ;target, how are you?

Changing the alias
When you wanna edit the alias, just re-type the complete alias. The old one will be replaced by the new.

When you want to remove the alias, type /alias remove ;[name]. The command /alias clearlist removes all your aliasses.

More info: lotro-wiki


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