The Radar (mini-map)

The radar (also called mini-map), some take it for granted, they look at the quest-arrow and run to that, but there is more to this UI item.


And now I upload the picture, I see the only thing I don’t mention there is the quest-arrow… But I think you all know it’s there 🙂

The things you see on the radar, clockwise:

  • Date, local time, in-game time
  • Arrows that show you the nearest town. But also arrows to fellowship members (if enabled) and combat pets.
  • Your wallet
  • All icons you see show what they are as you mouseover.
  • Open World Map opens the map (same as ‘M’)
  • Hope and Dread.

The locations and items showed on the radar can be enabled or disabled by rightclicking the radar.Filter

‘Zoom To Map’ opens the map.
‘Track Nearby Quests’ shows the closest quests in the tracker.

You can also change the settings of the radar in Options (Ctrl-O).

Type ‘radar‘ and you will find the following options:

UI SettingsOptions UI

When you uncheck ‘Radar animation Smoothing’ there can be a marginal improvement in performance. I don’t notice it, but maybe when you are in raids, of are bothered by lag, you might. Just guessing there though.

The size of the radar can be set from tiny to huge.

Social OptionsOptions Social

Check or uncheck to see your fellowship on the map. Don’t know why you would uncheck this to be honest.

Key MappingOptions Key Mapping

Another option that makes me think… why? But you can toggle the radar on and off. Click on the ‘Toggle Radar On/Off’ button, and assign a shortkey to it.

And that is all you can do with the radar. One thing you can’t do, alas, cause it would be nice, is to expand the scope of the radar.