My Gameplay

The beginning
When I started to play I knew that if there were some sort of wizard class, I would become that. Gandalf is one of my all time heroes and I’m a believer in magic, so I was thrilled to see the Lore-master. I did take a look at the other classes – but more in a ‘let’s see what else there is’ way than actually considering choosing one of them.

Then… the name. I wanted to name him ‘Dragon’. Because the Dragon is my Chinese sign. But that was already taken (or not allowed, can’t remember). And after much consideration, I came up with Raebidus. Rabidus is Latin for mad, raving, and I put an ‘e’ in there because I thought, don’t ask me why, the name should have eight letters. Raebidus was born.

Then I entered Middle-earth.

Who says Rae, says Morale
I am probably one of the few who died in intro. Too busy with just being in this magnificent Tolkien world, and learning how to move, I didn’t really get it. At that very moment I realized that when my Morale was gone, I (Rae) died. I didn’t even get the ‘The Wary’ title. So my first goal of the game was: get as much Morale as possible!

Despite what numerous people told me, I did not go for Will. Will in those days just increased your Power, and hey, I needed Morale. Things like Agility, Might and all the others, I just didn’t understand, so I never looked at those. This resulted in me having a very high Morale. (Currently – almost 58K without buffs at level 100). Some call me crazy (well, maybe… rabidus..) but it works for me. I might not hit as hard as others, but I can take a lotta hits myself.  Not in Pv(M)P, I never spar and you won’t see me in the Moors .

Likes and dislikes
Where you may find me is anywhere in the landscape. I love questing, especially the Epics. Roaming Middle-earth, sightseeing, meeting people, playing music, crafting – these are the things I like in the game. Raids, skirmishes, instances (unless they are part of a quest), Big Battles, Warbands, Roving Threats – none of them are my cup o’ mead. Sometimes I am tricked into one, and once in a while I will help a friend out with an instance or warband, but that’s it. I just don’t like them. On the other hand, I can enjoy a nice sunset, wide views, riding my loyal mount Sudibear through the fields. But, to me, most of all this world means interaction with other people. The social aspect is the thing I like most.

I solo’ed for a year or two. Then, at level 65 (did I mention I am not a fast leveler? ;)), I joined my first kin, Exilez. Left that soon – I wasn’t ready for kins I think. My third kin was the MASTERS OF DESTINY. That felt like home. Met wonderful people there, some of whom I still see (one of them, Linnie, is Queen of my kin now). MOD fell apart, and after some kins I joined the Exiles of Eriador, led by a friend I met in Wind of the West, Adelrian. That was my second home. Was in there about a year.

I have been a member of these kins:
– Exilez
– Legends of Myth
– Keepers of the Secret Flame
– Wind of the West
– Exiles of Beleriand
– Exiles of Eriador
– Evernight’s Legends

Evernight’s Legends
I was ready for the next step – to found a kin. My alt Eardborn left Exiles of Eriador first, and founded Evernight’s Legends. A little later Rae joined the Legends too, and it didn’t take long before I made him King.

Eolyngas is the former char of my son, before he had his own account (which he stopped playing also :(). I use him as a wardrobe, a mule solely for clothes. And with the already mentioned Eardborn, that was it.

Until November 2015, I had only one char I played. I used Eardborn only when I needed a tailor or forester.

Like I said, until the end of 2015, when Zunday was created.


Yours truly,
Raebidus Legend of Evernight
Raebidus Forum LoTRO Interface


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