(by Galuhad)

Pets is a plugin that adds a shortcut bar to all your cosmetic pets to your screen.

After the command /pets you will see this icon on your screenPetsIcon, double click that, and the edit window will open.

Here you can load your pets onto the quickslot bar. The plugin knows which pets you have, those icons are colored. All you have to do is check them.

The ‘Show Quickslots Bar’ option makes the bar visible from startup, so you don’t always have to type /pets.

And thats basically it.

Not very interesting in my opinion.

The plugin has some features that make it interesting, especially for pet-collectors.

First you see what pets you are missing, and second, when you click on the name of the pet (not the icon, that will load it into the game), you will see info about the pet.Pets2It tells you whether it’s a Lore-master only pet, where you can get it, and it shows the tome (linkable).

Another handy feature is the ‘Rename’ button. Herewith you can rename the activated pet.

The ‘Search’ button is kinda superfluous. There are a lot of pets, but they are very easy to find by scrolling. And why you can search by family, I don’t know, but it’s there, so if you wanna use it, feel free.

My Review
3 Rings
I have a little mixed feelings about this one. For myself, I will not use it. I made a shortcut bar for pets, where I can also put my combat pets in.
However, if you are a pet-collector, are no Lore-master, and want all your pets under one icon, I think this can be a plugin for you.

Plugin’s homepage:


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