My UI (User Interface)

Every LotRO player, every MMORPG player, has his or her own UI. Some never change from the default one, some like to change everything they can. I belong to the latter category.

My monitor is an EIZO ColorEdge CG243W, 24.1″, resolution 1920×1200. I started out with a 15″ standard monitor, so I’ve come a long way 🙂

I use the skin (Black)Eorlingas Revisited Again.  Aside from the fact that I love the graphics, it has a much bigger Dressing Room, which is very handy if you use cosmetics a lot. (Skins tutorial)DressingRoomBig


  1. On the left the Lotropad plugin icon, and to the right of my character name  (above the stats) is the CTime plugin with my local time.
  2. Baruk action bars (collapsible). From top to bottom: travel skills, mounts, goats, pets, commands (like /baruk to open plugin windows), and dance emotes. The speech bubble on the bottom is the icon for the ChatEdit plugin.
  3. The chat window with three tabs. Algemeen (which is Dutch for General), Legends (my kin name) on the tab for kin chat, and IMs.
  4. An action bar for skills that I use only once in a while.
  5. Collapsible Baruk bars for moods (left) and my pet menu.
  6. A Baruk bar (again, collapsible) for mount emotes, and the icon for the Travel Window plugin.
  7. Predict In-Game Time plugin with EST.
  8. Another Baruk bar(the only one that is not collapsible), with my most used emotes.
  9. Second Baruk emotes bar with lesser used emotes.
  10. Wallet plugin display.
  11. Connection Status.
  12. Three plugin icons. From top to bottom: Bootstrap, SongbookBB, Poetical.
  13. A default bar for Hobby’s. Well, just fishing because that is the only hobby… And I use it sometimes for skills I only use a certain time (for instance during festivals).

My bags are always open. Not because it’s necessary, but because I just like to see what I loot. The icons for the loot bag and mail alerts (not shown in screenshot) I have placed on the left – above my chat window – by the way.

And that’s my screen 🙂

Raebidus UI