Travel Window

Travel Window
(by D.H1cks)

When you have a lot of travel skills, you may want to organize them. Travel Window is a plugin with some handy features for doing that.

After installing, you will see a little icon on your screen  TravelWindowIcon
(If it doesn’t show, type /travel)

Click the Icon and the main window opens.TravelWindowMain

Here you see all your travel skills. Rightclicking the window shows you 8 options.

  1. Filters
  2. Mode
  3. Add Map
  4. Options
  5. List Untrained Skills
  6. Open Eriador Map
  7. Open Rhovanion Map
  8. Open Gondor Map

TravelWindowFiltersGives you the option to check the sort of travel skills you want the main window to show.


Text ListList

Icon Grid
See above


Pulldown ListPulldown

The Pulldown List also has an option to add a schortcut. What that does…??? Pulldown2

Add Map

I really don’t know what this does… (If you know, please tell me)

Gives your 3 tabs, General, Select and Sort.

Not the most userfriendly way to sort, but, if it’s done, it’s done.

The other tabs speak for themselves.

TravelWindowOptionsGeneral TravelWindowOptionsSelect


List Untrained Skills
Click this to see your untrained travel skills in the chatwindow.ListUntrainedSkills

Open Eriador Map

Open Rhovanion Map

Open Gondor Map

These maps are, in my opinion, the most interesting feature of the plugin.

On it are all the Rep travel skills (also the ones you don’t have yet). If you want to travel to a certain place, and don’t know exactly which travel skill brings you closest, you can look on the map, and just click the icon there.

My Review
3 Rings
Like I said, the Map options are, in my opinion, the most interesting features of this plugin. The problem with the map is though, also the Skills you don’t have yet show.

It is usefull when you have all, or at least a lot of travel skills. But, if you haven’t used this plugin from the start, you are already used to other ways of using your travel skills. Like me, I made this Baruk BarBarukTravelBar

I don’t need another window for my travel skills.

But, nonetheless, three rings for the Maps.

Plugin’s homepage:
Travel Window