(by Chiran)

After seven years I finally decided to play some music in LotRO. I always thought it was kinda difficult, but to my surprise the basics are very easy. I am not gonna talk about playing in a band, but just play like a solo bard 🙂

First make a folder named Music in your The Lord of the Rings Online folder in My Documents. You can drop the music files in there. Those music files have the extension .abc. Easiest way to get them are to download them. A site with many songs is If you want more, Google ‘abc files‘ and you will find plenty of sites.

Note: When you click on the file and get a text file, try clicking the link with your right mousebutton and save the link to your computer. If that doesn’t work either, copy the text, and paste that into a .txt file. After that change the extension .txt to .abc.

Get your music ingame.
That’s where Songbook comes in. After downloading and installing (or adding Songbook with LOTRO Plugin Compendium) go to the folder ‘Chiran‘, in the Plugin folder in your The Lord of the Rings Online folder. There you will find ‘SongbookFiller.exe‘.

When you doubleclick that the Songbook Filler opens:Songbook Filler

Click ‘Build library‘ and the files in your Music folder will be loaded into Songbook.Songbook Filler2

Where you put the Songbook Filler doesn’t really matter. I put it in the Music folder too, because that is where you need it, but it will work wherever you put it.

Of course for playing music you need an instrument. You can buy them from a bard. In Bree he is in the Prancing Pony (in the back near the fireplace). Remind that you can’t play all instruments (except Minstrels).
These are the instruments you can play by default (Beornings aren’t in the schedule yet 😦 )Music Class

When you want to learn to play other instruments you will have to find a Minstrel above level 30 who wants to mentor you.

Now you are really close to being a musician.

Open Songbook by typing /songbook showand the following window opens:

The directories you see here are the exact same as you made them in the Music folder.

Press Settings:

Just play with that a little to find out how you like it best. IconI do advise to check Songbook button visible. If you do, you will get an icon on your screen to toggle Songbook on and off.

Time to play!
First you have to slot an instrument. You can pick that from your bags, or put them in the instrument slots in Songbook (if you have ‘Instrument slots visible‘ checked in Settings). The instrument you wanna use has to be in your bags at all time, also after you slotted it in Songbook.

Open the directory the music you want to play is in.


Click the instrument of your choise and press ‘M‘ (top left). Your toon will pick up the instrument. Choose the song, and press the play button (next to M). And then…


I hope to hear you play your tunes in Middle-earth.

See also Music in Lotro-Wiki.

Play in a band
To play in a band read this tutorial.

Note: I use Songbook – The Badger Chapter. A special version for when you play in a band. It also has a timer, so you know when the song will end, that I think is very handy. You have do download and install in manually, it’s not available via the compendium.

My Review
5 Rings
This is the plugin for Middle-earth bards. That’s all I can say about it.

Plugin’s homepage:


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