(by Garan)

Wallet is a pluging that shows you a floating transparent display with your Gold, Silver and Copper, Marks and Medallions, Shards, and just about everything that is in the Turbine Wallet.Wallet

Very handy in festivals, or when you are collecting faction tokens.

You open the plugin by typing /wallet show. Close with /wallet hide, and toggle with /wallet toggle.

But first you have to setup Wallet, and for that you type /wallet setup. That will show the following window:Wallet2

It rather speaks for itselves.

Serverwide currencies are displayed in green and character currencies in white.

The only thing I have troubles with is the Save and Load Default. After I change my settings, I usually click Save Default multiple times. It happens so often that the settings aren’t saved.

My Review
4 Rings
Although you can simply press B to open you wallet, I love to see the info on my screen. The option you can choose what the display shows is also great. If only the settings would save all the time, I would have given it 5 rings.

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