Decorate a house

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  1. Hooks
  2. Music, Color and Surfaces
  3. Decorations

After you buy a house, you will want to decorate it.

Each type of house has its own characteristics:

Standard house

  • 32 interior decorating hooks
    – 2 Small floor
    – 0 Large floor
    – 4 Thin furniture
    – 7 Small furniture
    – 3 Large furniture
    – 0 Special furniture
    – 9 Small wall
    – 6 Large wall
    – 1 Ceiling
  • 5 exterior decorating hooks
  • A storage chest (30 slots, more may be purchased)

Deluxe house

  • 74 interior decorating hooks
    – 5 Small floor
    – 1 Large floor
    – 10 Thin furniture
    – 19 Small furniture
    – 9 Large furniture
    – 1 Special furniture
    – 13 Small wall
    – 12 Large wall
    – 4 Ceiling
  • 7 exterior decorating hooks
  • A storage chest (30 slots, more may be purchased)

Kinship house

  • 129 interior decorating hooks
    – 10 Small floor
    – 4 Large floor
    – 15 Thin furniture
    – 20 Small furniture
    – 13 Large furniture
    – 3 Special furniture
    – 18 Small wall
    – 30 Large wall
    – 6 Ceiling
  • 12 exterior decorating hooks
  • A storage chest (30 slots, more purchable)

Hooks are the spots where you can place housing items. There are hooks in different sizes, for different sized items.

To use them click on Toggle Decoration Mode on the radar (the bunch of flowers on the lower left side). RadarDecorationModeAll decoration items will light up, and the empty hooks will be highlighted with a shiny outline.SmallWall

To slot an item rightclick on the spot, and the Decoration hook will open.Hook

If you have any items in your bags that can be slotted there, they will become highlighted as well.Bag

Drag (or rightclick) it to the blue rectangular section of the hook, and the item is placed. Below the item in the hook window, an option will show to turn the item the way you want to.

Music, Colors and Surfaces
When you toggle the Decoration Mode, another option will show. The panel where you can change the Ambient Music, the Wall and Floor Colors, and Surfaces.Color

This works the same as the other hooks.

Decorations can be purchased from Housing Furnishers, from the Auction House, crafters can make items, barterers from the various factions offer items (for some items you have to have a certain standing), and also in festivals you can often get very nice furniture and other housing items.

Trophies are dropped, or are rewarded for quests. Sometimes you have to bring them to a taxidermist to convert them into housing items.

To start I advise you to go to a Housing Furnisher. They have simple but nice items for a fair price.ShopOr, just ask friends and kinnies 🙂 Most people with houses have something to spare.