Zuny BigI never wanted alts. I had one mule, and one char I used as a forester and for tailoring. Rae was my main, and was the only one who was really ‘out there’.

Then one day a member of my kin told he was given hundreds of gold, just by asking for it in World Chat. I thought it would make a nice blogpost to try that for myself, and see what would happen.

So I made a female char. I was thinking, people tend to give money to females more likely than to men. I created her on a Sunday, needed a quick name, Sunday was taken, so I named her Zunday (pronounce as Zoondye). I wanted to make her a Minstrel, just for the shiny hands. I clicked wrong, and she became – I think – a Champion.

I did the intro, leveled her a few levels, and started asking for gold. Well, that didn’t work. But, I grew to like the little lady. She was just so not a class I like to play. After talking to my friend Irissina I decided to delete her, and create a new Zunday, now a Mini.Zuny Craft

Still not planning really using the character often, I began leveling her. And I started to like the class very much. It was really fun to play.

For a long time she was just named ‘Zunday’. No surname, no title, no kinship. I liked it that way. Especially when she became a semi-high level. But I missed being in a kin. So after walking the face of Middle-earth as a lonely little lady – the only one who knew it was ‘me’ was Irissina – for about four months, I joined the Evernight’s Legends.

And now I have two mains. Never thought I would. Zuny Combat