Plugins General

What is a plugin?

Wikipedia tells us that a plugin is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software application. In normal English, a plugin is a small program which can be used in another program.

For Lord of the Rings Online for instance, you can only type in one color. But…. sometimes you see text in different colors. That’s done with a plugin. When you play for some time, you will get to the point you don’t have enough quickslots, with plugins it’s easy to get many more. Quite some plugins for extra bars, so you can choose whatever one you like best.

There are many plugins. And what I do, is sometimes just add a few, and see what they do. Some I know I will never use, so I don’t even try them, but I found some pretty nice ones just trying them out.

Plugins difficult? Nahhh..

For many years I didn’t use plugins. I wanted to, but they never seemed to work. One day I read about the LOTRO Plugin Compendium.


And that was what I needed. Download, install and run, and from there it’s just very easy.

First go to the ‘Add New Plugins’ tab. There you find all the plugins. There are more to find on the internet, but especially when you just start with plugins, here you can find all you want.

When you check the box in front of a plugin, you can read a little about it in the lower part of the window. If you want to read more you can click ‘(view)’, which will bring you to the page of that plugin on

And when you want to try the plugin, click the ‘Add’ button on the upper right side, and thats it.


Ingame you have to load the plugins. To do that, go to System > Plugin Manager. Plugin Manager

Plugin Manager 2

Here you can load the plugins. You might have to refresh the list first (circular arrow, right upper corner plugins list). Then choose the plugins you want to activate, and click ‘Load’.

On the bottom right you can choose which plugins you want to load automatically for which char.


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