The Dressing Room

Ever bought something that you thought was nice, but wasn’t? Or used a dye, only to find out the color is terrible on the item? The Dressing Room prevents that. It allows you to preview any clothing item in every color, or weapon.

To open the window hover over the item (in vendor, auction, chatwindow link, some plugins, store… anywhere) and leftclick while holding Ctrl.Dressing Room

On the left you see yourself, with three icons on the right side of your picture. With those you can enlarge your head, body or legs, to take a closer look.

On the right you have the Dye Options. You can try out how everything looks in another color. Sometimes the dye option doesn’t work, not all items are dyeable.

The window is small, but it does the job. In some skins it is larger by the way. Alas there is no plugin for a larger Dressing Room.


2 thoughts on “The Dressing Room”

  1. Anonymous said:

    This information is invaluable..thank you so much! XD I genuinely feel that I fight better when I look awesome.


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