(by Equendil)

This might be my favourite plugin. I tried some other actionbar plugins but then a friend told me about Baruk. I loaded it, and use it eversince.

After loading you have the following options:

/baruk or /baruk toggle – toggles the setup window.
/baruk show – shows the setup window.
/baruk hide – hides the setup window.
/baruk add – creates a new custom bar (which you can also do from the setup window).

I just use /baruk in a shortcut.

When you first use it, you will see the Baruk’s Setup window like below, but then empty. After clicking ‘New‘ there will be an entry called Custom Bar added on the left. Click that to edit.Baruk SetupI don’t know whether the white striped patern is just a bug in my plugin, or the design of the window. But it’s a little distracting I think.

Setup options

This is the name as shown on the left. Give it any name you want.

The amount of slots in the actionbar. I don’t know whats the maximum. My largest bar is 52, so 52 at least 😉

This is how the bar reacts. There are 4 modes.

  1. Normal
    This is just like the normal Turbine LotRO action bars.
  2. Collapsible
    Like the name sais, this bar is collapsible. It show one slot, and when you click (left or right) the bar expands.
    You can drag and drop any item you want to the first slot to use as an icon.
  3. Selection
    The one I use most. Rightclick will expand the bar. And it remembers the last slot you clicked, and uses that as an icon.
    You can then use the icon (even if the bar is collapsed) by leftclick on it.
  4. Mouse Over
    The same a ‘Collapsible’. But it expands on mouseover.

The direction the bar expands (right, left, up, down)

The size of the bar. 100% is the same size as the default Turbine bars.

When checked this locks the action bar, so you cannot add or remove new items to the bar. If locked, you can only edit the bar in Setup mode (/baruk).

Move the bars
You can move the bars the way all UI can be moved (Ctrl \).

My Review
5 Rings
Even with the annoying white stripes, bug, or whatever, I love this plugin so much it gets 5 rings. You have total control over the bars, can make as many as you want, put them where you want. And it is very easy to use.

Plugin’s homepage:


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