In the past month I haven’t been ingame much.  I love the world, it’s still great. Love the people. But the game itself… meh.. Zunday is level 98 now, and I so dislike questing in the high levels. I don’t think she will be 105 soon (if ever). The quests are all about fighting, just a few ‘human interest’ quests. I did dailies just to level up my LI legacies … but for what? I became 105 with a lesser weapon. Also, friends are leaving the game. And for me the social aspect of LotRO is the most important factor.

So… I don’t know. Maybe I will be back. I will be ingame from time to time to pay upkeep. And who knows what will happen.

Another thing I love doing is making and editing videos. And for that I will get online too. To shoot footage. The last video I did was few days ago. Together with Irissina.

This is the result:

Cya friends!