User-defined chat

Sometimes it’s handy to have a chat channel for just a few people. You can all go in a fellowship, but you can also make a user-defined chat channel.

To make such a channel, all you have to do is type ‘/joinchannel <name>‘ in the chatbox. You can also assign a password (‘/joinchannel <name> <password>), but you don’t have to.

To use it, also type: ‘/joinchannel <name>‘ and you can chat.

When it is your first user chat you can chat by typing ‘/1 <text>‘. You can check your user chats (max 4) by typing ‘/listchannels‘.

In the chatwindow appears:
uc1: ‘<name>’

When the channel you want to use is in another user chat (uc) then use that number instead of ‘/1’.

After you did this once you don’t have to join the channel every time you log in. The next time you can just start with ‘/1(2, 3, 4)’.

To leave a user chat, type: ‘/leavechannel <name>‘. It will be removed from the list. If you don’t leave you will still be connected the next times you log in.

If you want you can make a new tab in your chatwindow just for a user chat channel (rightclick somewhere in the tabs) and only filter the user chat.


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