Kinship tab

When you are a member of a kinship, the Kinship tab is the place where you will find the info about your kin.

  • Kinship: your kinship name
  • Lifespan Rank: the current rank of your kinship
    1 – from creation
    2 – 24 hours
    3 – 3 days
    4 – 10 days
    5 – 30 days
    6 – 2 months
    7 – 3 months
    8 – 6 months
    9 – 9 months
    10 – a year (maximum rank)
  • Next Lifespan Rank: Well, ermmmm…. do I have to explain this one?
  • Message of the Day: A message the officers can edit. This also shows up in kinchat when you login
  • Class, Lvl, Member do speak for themselves
  • Rank:



Big crown: Leader
Small crown: Successor
Red flag: Officer
Blue flag: Member
Blank: Recruit



  • Online: check box if you only want to see the kinnies who are online, if unchecked this indicates when the kinnie was last online
  • The last column has three options
    Join Date
    Player Note


Click this arrow to switch between them.


The Player Note column is where you may post info about your character(s), and view what other kinnies have written.

(On the Friends tab you can write your own private notes about others, but in the Kinship tab you write only about your own characters)KinshipNote

You can sort the columns by clicking on their names, they will sort ascending or descending, alphabetical or numeral.

The icons on the left of the class


  • One person means the player has checked ‘Player Looking For Fellowship’
  • A blue group means the player is in a fellowship
  • A red group means the player is in a full fellowship (6 people)
  • When the middle one wears a crown, the player is the leader of the fellowship