‘im 105 ^^’
‘i dont hurry to be 105 lvl in one day i want to enjoy it’
‘Laydeeeez and gentulworms……say hello to your newest 105 (no warg pens were invovled in this achievement!) ;-)’
‘Soooo…..any of you other 105’s Ally or Kindred with Rohan too? Or were you all busy playing with wargs all evening? 😉
‘so many at level 105 already. just woken up over here!’
‘haven’t you heard it is a race’
‘what was the proze?’
‘get bored faster and complain louder’

Just a few words from World Chat. All within 12 hours of U18 going live.

When I was online yesterday, a day after the update, the 104’s and 105’s were everywhere. And I wondered: did they have any fun reaching that? Or was it all Warg Pens and xp-buffs?

‘xp boost prices in the AH is rocket high right now, haha’

I did the introduction quest, slotted the stables, placed a milestone, and went sightseeing. Hard region to travel. Felt like being on vacation in Syria. I will level to 105 in time – no hurry. Like I always say, leveling is the result of playing, not the goal.

I was happy to see there are more people like me.

‘the most exciting thing about u18 is the fact i can finally barter for lvl 85 horse lords gear as cosmetics 😀 which tbh im really excited about’
‘what cosmetics tho? I just saw all the housing decorations. (and I super want those too omg rohan is my fave)’

Best thing I got so far is my Seer’s Orb (store item).RedSeersOrb

But I am just starting. After two days I am 5-10% into level 101. And planning to slowly do the quests, read all, and see what it brings me. Maybe upgrade my gear (haven’t looked for the possibilities yet), but that will be a long term plan.

For now I am happy with the update, even if it is Little Syria. Some people don’t like it at all, some do.

‘Music’s ghreat, quests are quite witty…and still more to do 🙂
‘then that’s better than the level’
‘tbh i really feel bad for the people who payed for u18 you get nothing you really dont. 80 quests and a grind to 105 with some new essence thats it’
‘Its like those who paid for forshal’
‘yes good point but now we got nothing. Crafters got nothing, PvP’ers got nothing, those that like to do other stuff than instances and raids got nothing as end-game. Only one crowd got something and thats instance/raiders’

That last one forgets one group of players, RP’ers. Players who like the new regions just for the fact that they’re there. New places, new creatures, new things to explore. But for some people it’s like the last three quotes from the group I began with:  A race, to get to 105 as fast as possible, and then complain there is nothing to do.

I am happy to be a slowpoke.