Ravalation is a blog I visit often. Rav writes mostly about Star Wars: The Old Republic, but she is also a LotRO player, and has regular posts about ‘us’.

Her most recent post I read with great pleasure. And also the replies are very nice. I have bashed Turbine quite a lot lately. Not only in Roving Thoughts, but also in chats with friends and kin. The recent troubles with LotRO even made me look for other games. But I still haven’t found any other MMORPG that gives me the same feeling I have with LotRO. And not just because I’ve played it for eight years. I liked the game from the moment I began playing. I didn’t understand much (it was my first MMO), but the game itself made starting and getting into it very easy.

Plus, the fact is: the worlds are great, you can play exactly the way you like (from slow RP to hardcore), and – and I read this everywhere – the community is very friendly.

Having said that, here is the article Rav wrote: