It’s simple, easy, and the rewards are the same every year, but I do like the Buried Treasure event. I just like the digging, the running around. Through the years I’ve gathered all I want, so I have no need for the coin tokens – they just pile up. But that’s okay by me.

What does bother me are players that steal my berries. And I don’t mean the ones I see from afar and head toward, but the ones I stand directly in front of, and someone shows up and starts picking them. There sometimes is a little (or lot of) lag, so I may not be able to pick right away. But while I would never go and pick berries when someone is standing by a bush, others will pick them without scruples when I stand there.BerriesAnother annoyance is people just standing in place and blocking NPC’s. This happens often ingame, but because of the quest cooldown in the treasure hunt, there are sometimes just a lot of people doing so at this event.Cave Claw (Small)In the case of this screenshot I could still reach the cave-claw NPC. But I have been there when there was such an awful huge shrew sitting directly on top of the cave-claw. Sooooo funny, blocking NPC’s… (yep, sarcasm).

But I still like the Treasure Hunt 🙂