It was early summer 2015 when Bingo Boffin sent me a request:

2016-03-10 20_02_56-Bingo Boffin -

A new sort of quest line was born. A weekly epic with the most unusual hero, Bingo Boffin.Basically Bingo is an annoying anti-hero. He lets others (us) do his job. He thinks he is a great adventurer… he isn’t.

I now have done 34 of 52 quests. And I must say, I like it. The quests are easy (except the riddle that sent you to Weathertop), but I don’t mind. Short quests, sometimes a nice title, and Bert Bartleby has some nice, and some funny, items to barter.

I think for the hardcore raiders among us Mr. Boffin doesn’t do it. I would guess they didn’t even finish quest #1. But for me, and people that play the game my way (easy going, have fun and relax), Bingo provides a nice half hour or so every Wednesday.

And I hope at the end he has a great reward for all our efforts, and not just some lame title. I would love to have Willem Whisker as a pet, or Old Rattlepacks as a mount. I also like the hat rack that gets fuller every few weeks… who knows how that will be in the end.

For now, the first thing when I login to the game this evening will be visiting my main man Bingo. We still have 18 episodes to go.



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