Back in the day, you didn’t just download The Lord of the Rings Online, but bought a hard copy of the game. Recently my son got a new computer desk for his birthday, and we cleaned out his old one. There I found his copy of The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, Exclusive Special Edition.BoxFront (Large)

BoxBack (Large)Apart from the game, there were some other items in the box. A card for an exclusive in-game item (The Cloak of the Peace Keeper), a small figurine, the map of Angmar and a very special edition of the instruction booklet.

According to Lotro-Wiki, there also were a DVD of the making of the game, and the official game soundtrack in the box. They weren’t in this box anymore, can’t remember ever seeing them either.
Alles (Large)

Figurine (Large) Instructions (Large) InstructionsOpen (Large) Map (Large)

As said, this is my son’s copy. I will make an unbox-blogpost about my copy another time too.