On February 23rd, 2009, the very first Expansion of the Lord of the Rings Online was launched: Volume 2 Mines of Moria.

Level cap was raised from 50 to 60, the Rune-keeper, the Warden, and the Legendary Weapons were introduced. And there were three new regions: Eregion, Lothlorien and Moria.

More info about Volume 2 Mines of Moria on Lotro-wiki.Moria1

When it was introduced, I could not go there yet. My level was too low (did I mention I was/am a slow leveler? :)) But I heard from others it was truly awful there. I think Turbine did a great job converting the dreadfulness of the place from the books (and movies) to the game. Moria2

When I finally went there it was awful indeed. I was attacked by creatures I could not see because of the darkness. Later I noticed that was also because my monitor was old. And just too dark to see in the shades of Moria.Moria3I then decided that I did not like the place. So what I did was run as fast as I could to Lothlorien. Wasn’t easy. But with outrunning enemies, using milestones, stables and an occasional fight, I managed to get to Lothlorien. First thing I did was milestoning the place.Waterworks1

Then went back to Eregion to quest and level, so I could do the Loth quests. I went back to Moria when I outlevelled the enemies there, and had a new monitor. But still I don’t like the place. Travelling there is terrible, except with the goats. The map is utterly useless with the multiple levels, and even when you can use it, something blocks your way. And ALL THOSE STAIRS 😦Waterworks2

What I do love, and I love it a lot, is the architecture of the place. The things those Dwarves built are absolutely amazing. In size and in beauty.Waterworks3

So I love and hate the place. Hate to quest there, I only did rep and epic there.. and an occasional quest along the way. I Absolutely love the place for how it looks.

(Waterworks pictures by Irissina, Evernight)